Our Designed Interiors name has over 30 years of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design history that is enriched by the even greater heritage of the factories creating our products.

Some date back hundreds of years and this inspirational source of skill and tradition is a vital part of what makes our products special.

Our website is a glimpse into some of the wonderful artisan skills and attention to detail that comes together in everything that is designed by us.

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Architects, Self-Build and Developers 



Whether you are working on a singular new home, remodelling an existing dwelling or a series of speculative properties then we have some very strong furniture & product relationships, developed over 30 years with manufacturers which can be leveraged to assist you and your client.

We never forget that the project is you and your client’s, and we are used to working in harmony with our professional clients. 

Each professional client is treated individually, and personalised arrangements as to working, level of input, financial terms are negotiated per client to get the best results for you and your client. 


Self Build

If you are a a client who is embarking on a self build or simply re-developing your own home as an owner-developer-builder-project manager then we know how many balls you are going to be juggling!  This can be the most exciting and fulfilling experience for many self build clients but also can waste time & money for many by not engaging with experienced specialists at the right time in the process.  Designed Interiors can help get your ducks in a row for the kitchen & bathroom spaces really easily, without necessarily costing you a fortune or increasing your blood pressure.  

Let us help you at an early stage, plan, specify and budget your dream kitchen & bathroom spaces. Bring anything you’ve seen elsewhere to the table for sure but let us help you make the process just a bit less intense.  We’ve helped many people in their projects, and we like a challenge. All we ask is for involvement at the earliest possible stage, honesty over budgets, and we will give you our very best endeavours.

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New Home Developers 

For developers who are creating dream homes in the cut & thrust of the property market we know the juxtaposition of budgets, kerbside appeal and getting your new purchasers into their new home on time.   We work with some of the most attractive high street brands in the kitchen & bathroom / interiors world that home buyers recognise. We have some really fabulous kitchen & bathroom agencies you will not find amongst the merchants. 

Why not let us give your project a fresh look?  Where we cannot bring anything new or competitive to the party, we will not to waste your time (or ours) trying to reinvent the wheel.