Our Designed Interiors name has over 30 years of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design history that is enriched by the even greater heritage of the factories creating our products.

Some date back hundreds of years and this inspirational source of skill and tradition is a vital part of what makes our products special.

Our website is a glimpse into some of the wonderful artisan skills and attention to detail that comes together in everything that is designed by us.

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Hot taps

A boiling water tap is simply a stylish kitchen tap with a tank stored beneath. Boiling water taps are safe to use as models have been designed with plenty of safety features including child locks and insulated sides to allow you to touch the tap straight after using the boiling water function. Water flows as a fine spray as opposed to a fast jet of water to reduce the risk of scalding too.

You'll find we stock models from brands such as Franke, Quooker and Pure H20


iceless champagne/wine coolers

Every drop at the right temperature

Ice buckets are so much hassle that people rarely use them at home, so the quality of their wine gets worse with every glass. Even when they are used they are far too cold and the over-chilling numbs the flavours and aromas that you value in a wine.
Kaelo keeps the bottle at just the right temperature and ensures you can enjoy your white wine or champagne just as their makers intended.

Kaelo is Instant and simple

One touch activates and cools the Kaelo, so it is immediately ready for a chilled bottle. No preparation needed, no waiting time required (and the shortest user manual you’ll ever read).


Kitchen lighting 

Brighten the heart of the home with one of our stylish kitchen lights. Choose colours ranging from contemporary copper and sleek silver to stand-out black designs. Our single or bar spotlights have movable positioning so you can direct the light where you need it the most, or opt for under-cabinet lighting and versatile LED strip lights to create atmosphere. Looking to make a statement? Fit a hanging kitchen light fitting over the dining table to create a more intimate and modern feel.