Our Designed Interiors name has over 30 years of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design history that is enriched by the even greater heritage of the factories creating our products.

Some date back hundreds of years and this inspirational source of skill and tradition is a vital part of what makes our products special.

Our website is a glimpse into some of the wonderful artisan skills and attention to detail that comes together in everything that is designed by us.

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As our newest addition to our expansive kitchen collection, Diffuse features the very best of the latest in contemporary design. With a super-matte finish, the colour palette includes on-trend shades such as Light Grey, Cashmere (soft grey), Graphite (dark grey) and Fjord (pale grey/green). It can also be combined with Pro & TT trim for an elegant finishing touch. Alternatively, pair with timber or veneer for a contrasting design.