Our Designed Interiors name has over 30 years of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design history that is enriched by the even greater heritage of the factories creating our products.

Some date back hundreds of years and this inspirational source of skill and tradition is a vital part of what makes our products special.

Our website is a glimpse into some of the wonderful artisan skills and attention to detail that comes together in everything that is designed by us.

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In-Frame Slab

The simple form of the Slab door allows for flowing and elaborate layouts, even on a relatively modest footprint. Blending different levels, colours and shapes, makes for a slick and inviting look that would work in any setting. This contemporary design mixes a pared back industrial look, with echoes of a vintage interior. This clean, linear style never overshadows other design elements, such as flooring, tiling, or surfaces and its neat simplicity makes it perfect for more compact spaces.

SLAB_ROSE_SHOT 1_0035.jpg
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